When FS Map and FS FS Flight Keeper serials do not work

FS Map and FS Flight Keeper use a two stage registration / activation system. This is explained on the product page but we copie the information here.

  1. To buy a fully licensed download version of FSMap or FS Flight Keeper follow this procedure:
  2. Remove the demo version (if already installed) of FSMap using the standard Windows method
  3. Buying is simple, just add it to your cart and do all the handling of payment (Credit Card and PayPal accepted). Keep in mind that if you are located outside the EEC you do not pay VAT!
  4. On the screen where you see that the payment has been done you will find a download link. Download AND SAVE this file to a secure location
  5. While you are doing this, an email is being sent to you to confirm the order. This email contains a order code (you can always find your code and the download link in the shop under Your Account - Your Order Details - Downloads)
  6. Navigate to http://www.fsmap.net/GetKey.asp or http://www.flightkeeper.net/getkey.asp and enter the order code we have send you.
  7. You will be send a Registration Key by email
  8. Enter the code (see the manual) and FSMap is now fully operational.

It sounds more complex then it is, really only takes a few minutes.

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