When your serial does not work

All the serial codes that are send out are tested and though we send out tens of thousands none has yet proven to be incorrect. There are three reasons why it might fail for some customers.

  1. The serial code is just not correctly entered, we advise you to copy and paste it and not try to manually retype it.
  2. The serial code is copy and pasted with a space before or after the actual code.
  3. The email address is not exactly the same as in our system. Make sure the case is correct, name@mail.com is not the same as Name@mail.com.

If it still fails after checking these possible issues send us a small screenshot of the screen after you inserted the information (but before you clicked [OK]) so we can check if the data inserted is correct.

If you AES serial does not work, first of all make sure you have the latest version installed! You can always download it from this link: http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/aes/AS_Airport-Enhancement-Services_V230.zip

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