DirectX Download - Please retry later or check network connection

DirectX DL - Please retry later or check network connection.

Problem: DirectX Setup
Error Message: "Setup could not download the file. Please retry later or check network connection."


I had the same problem and this fixes it:

1. Create a new folder on your desktop, call it something like "DirectX November" or something like that. The name doesn't matter. Just make sure it's something you can find easily.

2. Download the Directx update to your desktop (or somewhere you can find it).

Right click the link below and select "Open in new window" to go to the website to download the Directx Update:

Once it's downloaded, double click the file and when asked, browse to the new folder you created and click OK to begin extracting the files.
NOTE: At this point it hasn't actually installed it yet, it just extracted (unzipped) the contents of the downloaded file to your new folder.

3. Once it's finished "extracting" (unzipping) the files, open the folder you created. You'll see a lot of files in there now. Find the file called "DXSETUP" (or "DXSETUP.exe") in there, and then double click it to install update.

Once it's installed, and if you want, you can now delete that folder you created because it, and the files within it, are no longer needed

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