FSUIPC Axis assignment instructions

These settings are ONLY needed for people who want to assign control axis via FSUIPC. There is no need for this, and FSUIPC is NOT needed for this product.  Of course you need to delete the standard axis assignments from FSX before using FSUIPC.

  • Enter FSUIPC Settings.
  • Go to [Axis Assignment] tab
  • Posted Image
  • If you want this to be only used for this aircraft, activate [Aircraft Specific]
  • Click Ignore Axis and then Clr Ignores.
  • Move the joystick for elevator
  • Select Send to FS as normal axis.
  • Tick the box and select Axis Elevator Set
  • Optionally, you can set the setting on the right as FSUIPC occasionally don't send the latest joystick value to FSX. Delta 1 is highly recommended.
  • Do the same for rudder and aileron
  • If that axis you want is aileron axis select  Axis Aileron Set
  • If that axis you want is elevator axis select  Axis Elevator Set.
  • If that axis you want is rudder axis select  Axis Rudder Set.
  • Then click OK.
  • You are done!
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