Will this work with Saitek, VRInsight, GoFlight, MCP etc?

Out of the box the Airbus X Extended will have low levels of compatibility with these hardware devices because most default functions of FSX are replaced by more detailed and realistic code. So the standard key command simply would not control the aircraft. This is the same with all high end aircraft.

To make it work with some devices drivers have to be written, or at least configuration files will have to be made. For this we will provide the information but it will have to be done by the developers of the hardware. We do have a complete SDK, so it should not be hard to get many devices to work. Also, there's a complete LINDA module available, so that together with a registered version of FSUIPC (standard not needed for this aircraft) you can easily assign your joystick buttons to any function of the Airbus X. Users of a VRInsight MCP Combo I or II (Boeing type) will benefit from a complete syncronised MCP display with additional functions.

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