Aerosoft Airbus Extended Throttle Setup Guide

Aerosoft Airbus X Extended
Throttle(s) setup guide


The throttles of the real Airbus A320 series are not mechanical connected to the engines like seen on most other aircraft. Instead electrical signals are send from the signals to the FADEC – Full Authority Digital Engine Control.


For the Airbus X Extended You MUST have at least one analog throttle axis available – keys won´t work.


Normally FSX will use your hardware throttles to set thrust directly. Therefore it was necessary to develop a special module that detaches the Hardware throttles from the FSX throttles and then control them outside FSX.


For this to work it is VERY important that Your Hardware throttles are setup correctly in both Windows and FSX.




Please follow the sequence below and don´t pass any, also if you think you are sure that it is correct, often it reveals that it´s not!!!!


The first thing you should do is to calibrate and test all your controllers in the Windows Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Devices and printer/ menu:




Right click with the mouse on the Gaming device and select “Settings for gaming device” – a new menu box opens, then select the controller you want to test/calibrate and select “Properties” - yet another menu box opens. On that menu box you will see a “Test” tab at the top as well as a testing area where all the axis’ and buttons are shown. Test all axis’ and buttons and assure that they react properly, otherwise select the “Settings” tab on the top, then select “Calibrate” and follow the instructions. This must be done for each controller you plan to use.


Once all controllers and their axis’ has been tested or calibrated, start FSX. Select “Settings”, then “Controls…”


Note that preferably the Null Zones should be set to minimum and Sensitivity set to Maximum.


If you only have a single joystick with one throttle axis, the FSX controller menus should look like this:

Look very thoroughly on each screenshot for details!








If you got an advanced setup with Joystick/Yoke, Throttle quadrant and Pedals, then it could look like this:

Look very thoroughly on each screenshot for details!!
















Please go through each and every controller you have attached to your system in the FSX controller menu and verify that all axis’ for the various controllers are setup correctly, and more important, that there is no double assignments, like “ENGINE 1 THROTTLE SET” assigned to both Your Throttle quadrant and Pedals.


If more than one hardware axis is setup for the same engine in FSX, the throttle(s) will simply NOT work with the Airbus. We have seen quite a few customers where this had happened.


After assigning the various controllers and their axis’, you should close down FSX and restart it, otherwise the new settings might not be saved correctly.




Next step is to setup a configuration file for the special FADEC module. The file is named “AsInput.ini” and can be found on Your computer in this path:



Where \user_name\ is your username in Windows.


It is very important that this file is setup correctly for the number of throttle axis you plan to use with the Airbus X Extended!!!


Once you found it and open it with notepad, it will look like this:





This is the setup for a single throttle.

For a dual throttle setup it MUST look like this:






If You find that the throttles moves in the wrong direction, change:
















Using FSUIPC with axis’ NOT assigned
in FSX’ controller menu


If using FSUIPC assignment, make sure that the throttles are not assigned in the FSX controller menu.

Open the FSUIPC menu and go to Axis assignment and set a checkmark in Aircraft specific? Checkbox.
Setup each throttle axis to read like this:




Then select the Joystick calibration tab and make it look like this:




Now go into the \Flightsimulator X\ mainfolder, find the \Modules\ folder and find the FSUIPC4.ini file
and open it with notepad.

Find this line:
and ensure it reads:



Then find the entry for the Airbus X Extended that could look like this (depending on what type and livery
was used during FSUIPC assignment)....
[JoystickCalibration.Airbus A320 Aer Lingus EI-DEK]
and change it to:

[JoystickCalibration.Airbus A32]

Do the same for this line:
[Axes.Airbus A320 Aer Lingus EI-DEK]

to make it read:

[Axes.Airbus A32]



With the above setup you won´t have reverse thrust with your hardware levers, but will need to use F2 to engage revers thrust.


Another solution can be found here:


If you followed this instruction, the throttles should work correctly for the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended.



Have fun J

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