Updates are available from the Updates section at www.aerosoft.com

Registration in there is not necessary.

Simply select the product you want to update from the dropdownmenu and you will get to the products Updates page where you can see which updates are available.

If you click the "+" Button on the left of an update a more detailed description of it will show up.

To download an update press the link on the right side.

In there you need to enter your serialkey to proof you are an owner of the product and entitled for the update.

If you get an error that your serialkey is wrong please check the following two items:
1) The serial code is just not correctly entered, if you own a downloadproduct we advise you to copy and paste it and not try to retype it manually.
2) The serial code is entered or copy and pasted with a space before or after the actual code.
If you ruled the other two options out please tell us your serialkey and we will check it.
If you tried downloading from several computers let us know about that.


. Another important point, you only need install updates that are newer than your installed version as you may find your key will not work with these especially boxed products.
Very Important Note: Please enter these details exactly the same as you did the in product installer as it is case and spelling sensitive,
If you don't it will fail.

If you bought the downloadversion of a product you can at any time download the latest version from your Order History in your downloadshopaccount in the shop you bought it from.

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