Windows 8 compatibility

As far as we know all our products are Windows 8 compatible. If you miss any of the shortcuts to our products use the 'All Apps' option in Windows 8. To access this "All Apps" page, you can use any of following methods:

  • Press WIN key to show Start Screen and press Ctrl+Tab keys together to show All apps page
  • Press WIN key, right-click on empty area in Start Screen and click on All apps option in bottom bar
  • Move mouse cursor to top-right corner to access Charms bar and click on Search charm
  • Move mouse cursor to bottom-left corner, right-click and select Search option
  • Press Win+X keys together and select Search option from Quick Access Menu


Should you like to use Windows 8 with the start menu that Microsoft removed (oh why did they do that?), check out this option:

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