Flight Data Recorder

The Flight Data recorder does not exist in the real twin Otter, but has been added since it´s a great tool to review Your flight as well as being a learning tool. Events like setting, flaps, autopilot mode and setting as well as engine failure etc will be recorded. With the Flight data recorder application each recorded flight can be selected and recorded events can be seen. Additionally  the data can be exported to Google Earth where the exact flight path and altitude can be seen together with the various events. The FDR Test button also acts as an event marker, which can be used to mark events during flight.

Using it is really easy...

With the FDR main switch set to Off the Test button will simply lit the FDR lamp. With the FDR main switch set to on will start recording, pressing the Test button will set an event marker in the recording.

Once the flight is finished, turn off the FDR, start to Flight Data recorder application and select Your flight on the list. On the menu bar select to watch the details or export to Google earth, a kmz file is generated and opened by Google earth. You can also export your flight to Flight Simulator Flight Keeper.

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