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Release planning

The 1.00 version now released (or soon to be released) is NOT the complete product. It contains not all models we plan to include. We decided to release this version because all systems, manuals, etc etc are ready and it seemed not right to keep what is ready on our internak servers. So it is released and the additional models will be delivered before September (of course without additional costs!). The boxed version will be delivered when all models are ready. For those who remember, we did the same with the Bronco.


Price and discounts

  • If you buy the initial product (version 1.00, only available in download) you will pay €25.17 (€29.95 including EU VAT when applicable)
  • The complete download product (version 1.10) will cost €29.37 (€34.95 including EU VAT when applicable). 
  • The complete boxed product (version 1.10) will cost €29.40 (€34.99 including EU VATwhen applicable)
  • If you own the previous Twin Otter (Twin Otter X) you and entitled to a 20% discount. You will need to enter you original serial code when you buy the product, so make sure you keep it on hand.
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