777 Worldliner Professional FAQs

Q: My engines don't start in X-Plane 10.05.
A: Update to X-Plane 10.10, which is final now.

Q: XP gets stuck when loading the 777.
A: The 777 Worldliner requires a Java runtime for the electronic flight bag. Please see the manual.pdf in the DOCs folder for a download link and instructions.

Q: XP is stuck or the cockpit has dark screens after activating the 777.
A: After the first activation, you have to completely RELOAD the plane once.

Q: XP locks up with scratching or squeaking sound
A: The 777 Worldliner uses the SASL plugin to generate a 3D sound environment. The sound module is known to conflict with the Gizmo plugin by X-Aviation. If you have the Gizmo plugin installed, you have to deactivate it prior to loading X-Plane for a 777 session.

Q: My sounds squeak and I don't have Gizmo installed.
A: The 777 Worldliner uses openAL. It is possible that openAL is not installed on your computer or the version is not correct. Please try reinstalling it from http://connect.creat...ads/oalinst.zip

Q: The quick zoom commands get stuck.
A: The quick zoom is not to be used with "Cinema Verité" camera model.
Please make sure this option is not on.

Q: My engines throttle back from takeoff power during the takeoff roll or they throttle back erratically during climb.
A: The 777 autothrottle system in reality has motorized throttle levers that always travel to the position commanded by the autothrottle.
However, your home joystick or flightjoke doesn't have motorized throttles, so the position of your throttle lever and the lever in X-Plane might differ. During takeoff, at 85 knots, a mode called "HOLD"
activates where in reality the servo motors of the autothrottle disconnect to allow for an easy takeoff abort. If your joystick is sending "noise" now, the throttles will jump back. Also, your joystick might interfere with the "THR" and "THR REF" modes during VNAV managed climbs or descends. Our suggestion is to have the joystick throttle safely parked at the lower end position during the time autothrottle is engaged. Make sure your joystick iss properly calibrated, with a sufficient dead zone at the lower end, so it is not sending any noise.

Q: My screen gets blue and I hear a clattering sound
A: Your virtual self is about to die from freezing - please read the manual how to configure the pressurization and air-conditioning system to have life-supporting conditions in the cabin

Q: I can't get the FMS to display on my iPad.
A: Please see the Howto.pdf in the DOCs folder, especially the last paragraph on the last page. Your X-Plane computer and your iPad must be in the same network.

Q: I get the message "UNABLE CRZ ALT" or "UNABLE NEXT ALT" in the FMS
A: You are probably too heavy to reach the desired cruise altitude or your flightplan is too short to stay at cruise altitude long enough.
Select a lower cruise altitude and consult the manual on the concept of "Step Climbs".

Q: I get "VSPEEDS UNAVAILABLE" on takeoff calculation
A: Your V1 is too low for a safe takeoff at the selected power setting in case of an engine failure. Select a lower takeoff power and consult the manual on the concept of "V1MCG" or "minimum control ground speed".

Q: My MCP is showing nonsense values for the autopilot, like TRK/HDG at the same time.
A: After a plane crash or reposition, the plugins might get out of sync.
Just reload the plane in this case. Also make sure you have no plugins or devices sending commands to the X-Plane default autopilot, as they can destroy the logic of the 777 autopilot.

Q: I'm flying on track, but X-Plane 10 ATC keeps telling me I'm off course.
A: The X-Plane 10 ATC has no idea of the complex terminal procedures supported by the 777. If you want ATC support for that, try an online-flying network like VATSIM, IVAO or PilotEdge.

Q: I can't board passengers or load fuel onto the plane.
A: Your engines must be off, the parking brake set, the doors disarmed and opened, the fuel truck and the passenger bus must be summoned before you can board fuel, cargo or passengers.

Q: Pushback doesn't work when engines are running.
A: As in reality, it is not recommended to have the engines started before pushback is initiated.

Q: I'm on Mac and I can't open the Menu by Shift-F11. Nothing happens, or I get a slow-motion Exposé.
A: By default, on Mac keyboards, the F-keys are mapped to OSX-specific functions. You must either press the Fn-key with the F-Keys or change this setting. On some versions of OSX, a function might be mapped to Fn-Shift-F11, like Exposé. In that case, use X-Plane Settings to change the keyboard command for "Custom Slider 11". 

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