Moving or renaming the X-Plane 10 main folder: What to consider.

As is known, one can move, rename or copy the X-Plane 10 main folder (installation folder) with all
Subfolders, but the simulator will stay operative.

This is correct only for the simulator itself, since X-Plane 10 do not write data into the operating system.
All relevant data remain (configuration files, etc.) below the main X-Plane 10 folder.

But this is not the matter with self-installed addon's (e.g. payware).
Payware addon's sometimes write very well some information about the software directly into the directory structure of the operating system.
For example, the serial numbers, keys, or paths for the installer / uninstaller. These places and the way to write varies by manufacturer.

Thus, renaming or moving the X-Plane 10 folder including Addon's is no longer possible without trouble.
The saved Addon data are now no longer consistent.

The problems may take many strange forms. The Airports works, but: Often deinstall / reinstall or an addon-update is no longer possible.
Simply deleting the addon's within the simulator (...deleting the corresponding Folder) is not enough,
because the operating system still saved the relevant addon-data. You now have to search this one
and adjust accordingly or delete, but this of course is not necessarily possible since the data are designed to protect the software ...

This also applies if you e.g. would be set up your operating system and for this time
you copy the X-Plane 10 installation to another hard drive in order to replay later.
For now the new operating system misses the important data of the protected addon's completely.

So, if you intend to e.g. move your X-Plane 10 installation to another location,
then it is a good idea to uninstall your protected addons before.

So you will have no problems with these addon's later.

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