X-Plane 10 Performance

Here are some little tips about the X-Plane 10 performance and hardware...:
The X-Plane 10 used modern programming techniques for the calculations of the simulator-graphics. OpenGL, HDR ...
To get the full benefit of these techniques you need a relatively modern PC with a suitable graphics card. 
But at what point is actually your own PC? And how you should choose the Rendering Options in X-Plane 10? Here are a few words:
Note: The Rendering Options can be found in the menu item "Settings" (move the mouse to the top of the screen).
X-Plane 10 uses heavily the graphics card and the video RAM.
Before you now "screwed around" to the Rendering Options, you should know what your graphics card can actually do. There is a benchmark test, which is well suited for X-Plane 10:
The "PassMark - G3D Mark." Today's graphics cards here have values between ​​500 - 6000 (without the new NVIDIA titanium, which is 9000).
There is a WebSite, on which this test has been performed for many graphics cards. The values ​​are clearly listed in a bar graph. Here is the link to WebSite:
With the value of the graphics card you now can set the display options in X-Plane 10 much more systematic. Here are a few examples, but the settings of course also depend on the processor used, the available RAM, the hard drive speed and by the current version of X-Plane 10:
Values ​​between 500 and 1000
Clouds Detail: 10%, texture resolution: low, trees (number of trees): none, Number of objects: none, Number of roads: default, AA (antialiasing): none, HDR: none
Values ​​between 1000 and 1500
Clouds Detail: 15%, texture resolution: normal, trees (number of trees): sparse, Number of objects: sparse, Number of roads: default, AA (antialiasing): 2x, HDR: none
Values ​​between 1500 and 3500
Clouds Detail: 20%, texture resolution: High, trees (number of trees) filled in, Number of objects: tons, Number of roads: tons, AA (antialiasing): 2x, HDR: try ...
Values ​​above 3500
Higher values ​​are possible in the Rendering Options for these values ​​...
If you will fly with consistently high (not highest) values, you should aim for a PassMark of approximately 5000 .... (Tested in early 2013).
Please note: some changes in the Rendering Options require a restart of X-Plane (eg the texture resolution ...).
In order to have a liquid running simulation, the frame rate should be in the range of 30 or more FPS. Below 20 FPS, a good and liquid simulation is no longer possible.
You can display the Framerate as follows:
Move the mouse to the top of the screen in the X-Plane window. Select "Settings" - "Data Input and Output". In this window click the tab "Select Data". It is then highlighted in green.
At the top (point 0) check the right box (frame rate). Then the frame rate is displayed in the top left window of the simulator.


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