Why are there lights where there should not be lights?

First of all there is no available database that tells us what roads do have lights, what lights are on when and at what luminosity. We feel however that that’s not a huge problem. If you fly at night you soon see that all lights seem to be drawn towards roads. Not only cars, but also houses, industrial complexes, petrol stations etc. So even if roads do not have lighting they often show as a string of lights.

Look at it this way. Without NE-Germany you will probable see no streets whatsoever most of the time. With NE-Germany you might see a bit more then what real. The fine images in this quick review show the difference. What we feel is most important is that there is now ‘structure’ at night and no longer the murky blackness. You get the feeling of a living world beneath you. For a low cost add-on like this one (it’s 0.00013 cent per light, lol) we feel it really adds something that FSX was missing.

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