Browser Crashed After Pressing The Payment Confirmation

Due to the wonders of the internet you may find that your browser has crashed at a crucial stage of the purchase process.
This is not a common problem but may just happen to you one day.

If it crashes after pressing the Payment Confirmation button then please do not go through the order process again without
first checking to see if the order did indeed go through. If you do then you may end up with a double order.

If it was for a boxed product then contact to ask if the order went through. Give the name of the product
approx time of purchase and your own details so they can track it for you.

If its for a download product then you can check it by following the instructions below.

Please go to and select a country, then on the new page on the left frame
under the section headed: Download-Version: choose Your Account This will take you to the logging in page.

Once logged in a new page will open.

Towards the top you will see a section titled Overview (show all orders)
Directly underneath this you should see you order. Press on the
hyperlinked view button to the right and it will bring up all the
details about your order. Your serial key and download link are

If you order went through then you will see it in your account.
If not then feel free to retry ordering your product.

If afterwards you find out you have been charged twice then please e-mail enclosing the payment details so they can be checked and a refund issued as necessary

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