FDC error 58

Thanks to one of our users (Dennis from Southern California, USA) I think we may now have a solution to the Error 58 problem some of you are experiencing after installing FDC on a Windows Vista machine.

The main culprit is the User Account Control (UAC) feature which, although designed to keep your pc safe, is a little annoying to say the least. I turned UAC off from day one, hence the reason why my installations worked every time. By turning this feature ON I can recreate the problem each time.

So, here's what you need to do and please note these instructions assume you are using the standard Vista interface and have not switched to Classic View. You must also be logged on using an Administration account.

If you've already installed FDC on your Vista machine please uninstall it.

Turn UAC OFF by selecting Start / Control Panel /User Accounts and Family Safety / User Accounts

Select the last item on the displayed window which should be Turn User Account Control on or off... you will need to hit Continue on the annoying UAC prompt message at this point

On the next page you'll see an option marked User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer, which you need to [/]unselect[/i], then click Okay andRestart your Computer.

At this point you should be able to install FDC 3.5 from CD (or downloaded installer) with no problems as I can... then use the Updates feature from the main menu to apply version 3.6 and version 3.7 (Remember you won't be able to 'connect' FDC to FS until you have version 3.7 installed).

The same user who passed on this tip found that he was still unable to successfully install FDC unless he also removed his Admin password. This is a little strange because I actually have a password set on my Vista pc due to it being a prerequisite for using Remote Desktop.

What I would suggest is you try the above (UAC) approach first and if you still have problems then try removing your password, which you can do by following these steps:-

Select Start / Control Panel /User Accounts and Family Safety / Change your Windows password / Remove your password (you will obviously have to enter your password to gain access at this point).

Next time you start your pc you will not have to enter a password.

My guess is, should you find you have to remove your password in order to get FDC installed you will probably be able to reset it afterwards, but I haven't tested that. You might even be able to turn UAC back on if that is your desire, but again I haven't tried.

I would obviously like to hear from anyone still experiencing problems after trying these tips. Equally it would be nice to hear from those previously experiencing such problems who are now able to enjoy FDC on a Vista machine.

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