Add Scenerys to your Simulator

Once the addon does not automatic been added to your simulator, you would be able to add it manual.




1) start FSX

2) Click on "settings"

3) Now you simply need to click on "scenery library"


4) Once in that screen, click on "add area"

5) Now once click on "Addon Scenery"

6) Once you opened that, please click on the installed scenery. In that case: “TEST SCENERY”.

7) The folder “TEST SCENERY” will now be opened with a double click.

8) Click on "OK"
9) Now once use a right click
(Please follow this step by step.)
You can simply click anywhere on your screen,
this is a know bug from windows 7.






1) Start p3D

2) Click the button "World"

3) After the menu opened select the option "Scenery Library.."

4) Select now "Add Area..." 

5) Now search the scenery folder, this could be done by clicking "Browse", also you can set a title for the area.

6) Submit the new scenery with a click on "OK"

7) Now you can check, if the scenery is entered and move it priority up and down


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