XP10 Update

This is the list of improvements in general:
SASL plugin added functionality:
·         32-bit and 64-bit Mac, Windows, and Linux support.  (As of X-Plane v10.21, Windows users may still experience an X-plane memory leak in 64-bit, which is on Laminar's to-do list to fix, as it is a known X-Plane bug).
·         Stereo 3D sound, with new dynamic effects
·         Custom prop, which adds realism to the spinning prop, including volumetric side view and change in thickness with pitch.
·         2D pop-up windows to control camera presets, field of view, and various options.
·         Enhanced radio tuning, using manipulators, but jumping over unused frequencies.
·         Interior lighting optimized for X-Plane v9 and v10.
·         Overhauled lighting system.  Lighting halos for nav and strobe lights are now only visible under certain viewing angles.
·         Strobe lights blink in a custom pattern and order.
·         Landing light features tightly-focused "glare" effect when viewed from the right angle.
·         Nav lights have been improved for a more realistic appearance.
·         Improved ground handling

2 Different .acf files: one for v9, one for v10.
·         v10 .acf features optimized objects.  Interior/exterior shading is applied only where needed, saving resources.
·         v10 .acf has further optimizations to objects that don't need the background (clouds, skies) to be drawn through them, if they're not transparent, saving further resources.
·         v10 .acf also protects certain textures from resolution degradation at low rendering settings.  This guarantees that the panel instruments and text are always crisp and clear, no matter what rendering settings are chosen for the sim.
·         v10 .acf is optimized to make use of HDR rendering, especially in terms of lighting.  This includes spill lights, which illuminate the surroundings, coming from Nav and Strobe lights. 
·         When HDR mode is turned off, care has been taken to optimize the appearance of the plane without the enhancement benefits of HDR.

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