The "Follow me Car" at LPMA does not guide me to the gates

Instruction for the "Follow me car" usage:

1) Wait until the aircraft enters the squared box (20 m by 20 m) centered at latitude N32:41:37.19 and longitude W16:46:45.80

2) Count 20 seconds after the instant of entrance.

3) Check if the aircraft is inside a second squared box (40 m by 40 m) centered at latitude N32:41:34.42 and longitude W16:46:45.24

4) If the aircraft is not inside go to 1) (the fail could be the aircraft runing to fast or to slowly)

5) If the check in 3) is OK then count another 10 seconds

6) Repeat check 3) eg check if the aircraft is still inside the box

7) If YES you get the FOLLOW_ME. If not go to 1) and wait!

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