Scenery troubleshooting guide

If you experience issues with a scenery read this:


Most scenery issues are caused by conflicting addons or wrong settings inside the flight simulator.

You should start troubleshooting with these simple points:
Make sure that your simulator is not running while following these steps!

  1. Do you use another scenery for the same airport?
    Such scenerys can be freeware/payware scenerys for the particular airport which you can installed earlier, or they can be AFCADs which are included in other programs like traffic addons, etc.
    Make sure to deactivate those!

    For other freeware/payware sceneries for the same airport just deactivate them in the scenery library or uninstall them.

    If you own an AI Traffic addon have a look in its mainfolder (most have it directly in the FSX mainfolder. That's the one where the FSX.exe is located!) and see if you can find a file refering to that airport in there.
    Most addons call these files for example KJFK.bgl for New Yorks Kennedy airport.
    Rename it from .bgl to .off to deactivate the file.
  2. Do you own FTX Global Vector from ORBX?
    The "Airport Elevation Correction" is known to introduce problems with lots of airports.
    You should deactivate the "Airport Elevation Correction" for all our airports.
    Open the FTX Vector Configurator, go to the "Airport Elevation Correction" tab and either run the Auto Configuration, or disable the airport manually by typing its ICAO code into the "AEC is enabled for:" field, marking the airport and then clicking disable.
    Don't forget to click the Apply button afterwards!
  3. Is your simulator set up for the scenery?
    Here is some general advise on your settings:
     - make sure the DirectX 10 Preview is NOT activated.
       Microsoft unfortunatly never developed it completly, nor did they document
       it. This makes it very hard for developers to develop for it.
       Unless specifically stated on a productpage you should assume no scenery
       to be DirectX10 Preview compatible.
     - Turn on your Autogen and Scenery complexity!
       You do not need high settings here, but they should at least be set to low
       or normal.
     - Make sure the "Mesh Resolution" setting in your FSX is set to a high value.
       In general mesh is not very hard on framerate (compared with others)
       In most cases setting it to 5m will work.
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